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I rolled over onto my back, feeling someone's fingers on me. She tightly squeezed this alien hand, sharply tossing her legs, delivered a magnificent blow from the bottom up, but missed. She jumped up, through the crooked magnifying glasses of tears, saw for a second someone's silhouette, hit him. Missed again, turned around, but received a vulgar blow to the neck and passed out

I woke up on the concrete floor, lying on my side, my hands behind my back. Some kind of sack is lying on the legs, and the left leg is so numb that at least break off

and throw it away - I won't notice. Or maybe it's already broken off. Frightened by this thought, I shuddered - there's no other way to say it - on my back. Igorek was lying on me, judging by the absence of any expression on his simple muzzle - in a complete bran.



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